ACUTE – Who wants war – Discography 86-89 2xLP+CD



Osasto: Avainsana tuotteelle


Solid black vinyl limited to 250 copies.
Another obscure Japanese Hardcore gem from the past, rescued and brought back to life in a top quality edition.. It’s no secret that the FOAD team are totally crazy for Hokkaido area punk, you saw it with previous works such as Human Gas, Stali Nism, Napalm, Chinpira, Shot Gun… Hailing from Sapporo, Hokkaido, ACUTE are only known to diehard HC maniacs for their killer tracks on the hard to find ”Nothing action nothing have” v.a. tape (1989). This anthology compiles their complete recordings 1986-1989 adding as bonus a CD with never-heard-before recordings from the ”Nothing action, nothing have” release show at Bessie Hall, Sapporo where they shared the stage with legends such as Slang, F.U.P. and Satanic Hell Slaughter. 44 TRACKS showing the band’s evolution from their early distorted punk approach influenced by UK82 classics (Chaos UK, Disorder) to the shredding fast Japancore thrash assault of their latter phase. Freshly ripped from the band’s tapes and mastered for vinyl at Toxic Basement Studio. Gatefold jacket + two booklets (total 24 pages) including flyers, photos, lyrics as well as all the original artworks and leaflets showing their strong anti-war stance and socially engaged hardcore attitude