CARRY ON OI! – LP (kokoelma)

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A1 Garry Johnson– United
A2 JJ All Stars (2)– Dambusters March
A3 The Business– Suburban Rebels
A4 Infa Riot– Each Dawn I Die
A5 The Partisans– Arms Race
A6 The Ejected– East End Kids
A7 Peter And The Test Tube Babies– Transvestite
A8 Blitz (3)– Nation On Fire
A9 The Last Resort– King Of The Jungle
B1 The Gonads– Tuckers Ruckers Ain’t No Suckers
B2 4 Skins– Evil
B3 The Business– Product
B4 Red Alert (3)– SPG
B5 Oi The Comrade– Guvnors Man
B6 Peter And The Test Tube Babies– Maniac
B7 The Ejected– What Am I Gonna Do
B8 The Partisans– No U Turns
B9 Blitz (3)– Youth
B10 Oi The Choir– Walk On