CRIMEN – El Problema Eres Tu LP

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After a demo, a first LP and subsequent 7 ” edited for their first European tour , this LP brings 9 new issues, after a drum change, recorded and subsequently mixed with Daniel Husayn giving the album a sound simply PERFECT Following the line of their previous work , their sound is still produced , direct and above all fast and punk. Drums that more far than the tupa – tupa and seek impossible rhythms , bass lines restless , untraceable in one listens and a sharp guitars that give meaning to the whole. Sung to 2 or 3 voices at times daring with more ”dark” sounds in some songs, mid-tempo in others … but overall this is CRIMEN ; whether you know them before or not this album is one of those that does not go unnoticed (or should not) . The artwork is made by Meg Adamson and bassist who made a brutal collage for the insert . The labels are hand-stamped with DIY stamps.