DANZIG- Not Of This World LP


Varasto loppu



Tracks A1 to A6 recorded live at The Palace Theater, Hollywood, CA on July 7th, 1989. Tracks B1 to B4 recorded live at The Stone, San Francisco, CA on January 5th, 1989. Track B5 recorded live at The Ritz, New York, NY on August 12th, 1989.
Recorded At
The Palace, Hollywood
Recorded At
The Stone, San Francisco
Recorded At
The Ritz, New York
Published By
Flashback World Productions (2)

A1 Am I Demon 6:16
A2 Twist Of Cain 3:38
A3 Mother 3:10
A4 Evil Thing 2:47
A5 When Death Had No Name 5:04
A6 Not Of This World 3:36
B1 Twist Of Cain 3:44
B2 All Hell Breaks Loose 3:52
B3 Medley: London Dungeon / Horror Business 2:26
B4 Halloween 3:03
B5 777 4:58