DEAD KENNEDYS – Live At The Deaf Club LP



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A1 Introduction By DJ Johnny Walker 0:21
A2 Kill The Poor (Disco Version) 3:57
A3 Back In Rhodesia (Early Version Of When You Get Drafted) 1:31
A4 Man With The Dogs 3:23
A5 Gaslight 2:41
A6 California Über Alles 3:45
A7 Ill In The Head 3:25
B1 Straight A’s 2:13
B2 Short Songs 0:31
B3 Holiday In Cambodia 4:33
B4 Police Truck 2:55
B5 Forward To Death 1:21
B6 Have I The Right 2:16
B7 Back In The USSR 1:55
B8 Viva Las Vegas 3:07