DESTRIPADOS – Lenguas Venenosas LP

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Ripping HcPunk D-beat from Portland!


Destripados: Apocalyptic D-Beat Meets Chainsawing Raw Punk on ‘Lenguas Venenosas’

Poisonous tongues; that’s the English translation of the title of Portland, Oregon band Destripados’ second album, Lenguas Venenosas.

Obviously, that’s an on-point title for a world tearing itself apart due, in part, to venomous voices and toxic opinions. More than that, think of all those virulent substances leaching from every environmental disaster. Think of those noxious ne’er-do-wells out there deliberately fostering division and bigotry. It’s Hell on Earth, my friend. But Destripados’ stampeding punk is the perfect elixir to purge all the malignant anxiety from your system.

Destripados feature members from all over—Perú, Colombia, and California—mixing an all-important immigrant perspective into their high-energy/high-speed hardcore. Links to killer bands like Dödläge, Frecuencia De Muerte, and Genogeist should help to amplify your anticipation; not that Destripados need any help in that regard, tbh.

Released on vinyl by French label Symphony of Destruction, Lenguas Venenosas follows on from Destripados’ super-aggressive Gutless LP, which mixed incensed Spanish lyric tracks with a max-reverb combo of influences; think full-tilt Discharge via Totalitär via your favourite blazing Latin American hardcore band.

Lenguas Venenosas follows a similar tack to Gutless with tracks like “Destruyendo Teles,” “Warmind,” and “Moment of Destruction” filled with mangling guitars, rocketing leads, and throat-slit growls’n’howls. Apocalyptic d-beat (with battering drums and grinding bass) meets chainsawing Scandinavian raw punk—all of which manages to sound as filthy as a septic tank and as heavy as a battle tank at the exact same time.

Maybe you’re feeling down right now? Perhaps you exist in a constant state of panic? I don’t blame you… for either. The pandemic rolls on, everyone hates everyone, and apparently, WW3 is just around the corner. The good news: the album releases TODAY and there’s no better time than right now to hit play on Lenguas Venenosas.

There’s no mistaking Destripados’ passionate anger at the divisive and combative world we live in. The band’s music is a scathing reflection of endless social tensions, and Lenguas Venenosas is a searing assault on the issues that often brutalise the most vulnerable among us. Best of all, Lenguas Venenosas’ incandescent tracks evoke all the blood-boiling rage we feel living in a world set on self-destruction.

Lenguas Venenosas is a fucking riot and Destripados’ Hellscape hardcore is the perfect soundtrack to the end of days.