DISCHARGE – 1980-1986 LP

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Formed in the northern industrial town of Stoke on Trent in 1977, Discharge changed punk with its distinctive brand of hardcore, making minimalist music with distorted guitar, drone-like bass, shouted anarchist themes and propulsive drumming, known as D-Beat. Originally issued in 1987, this killer compilation charts the best of their early years with Clay Records, from the full-on assault of Realities of War, passing the chart-topping Why?, to the shrieking sounds of Grave New World, which edged further into metal territory. Listen and be awed by the power and the glory of one of the most influencial punk and metal bands ever.


A1 Realities Of War

A2 They Declare It

A3 But After The Gig

A4 Society’s Victim

A5 Fight Back

A6 War’s No Fairytale

A7 Always Restrictions

A8 You Take Part In Creating This System

A9 Religion Instigates

A10 A Look At Tomorrow

A11 Ain’t No Feeble Bastard

A12 Why (Reprise)

A13 It’s No T.V. Sketch

A14 Tomorrow Belongs To Us

B15 Decontrol

B16 Never Again

B17 Death Dealers

B18 State Violence State Control

B19 The Price Of Silence

B20 The More I See

B21 Ignorance

B22 Grave New World