EATER – The Album LP (Color)



Osasto: Avainsana tuotteelle


Formed in early stages of the British punk explosion by four high school mates in Finchley, north London, Eater quickly established themselves as one of the youngest and rawest bands on the scene. Inspired by a line in the T Rex song, “Suneye,” Eater was influenced by the classier side of glam rock but was very much a rapid-fire power-punk concern with their own output. Signing to Dave Goodman’s fledgling punk imprint, The Label, Eater issued three singles before their greatly anticipated debut album, which has since been hailed as an all-time classic; pointing their fingers at upper-class twits and taking the piss out of themselves and their fans on “No Brains,” the album also features two Velvet Underground covers and an unusual David Bowie adaptation, all delivered in no-holds-barred triple time. Poster included.