ENGLISH DOGS – Invasion Of The Porky Men LP

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Limited BLACK vinyl edition w/ double sided lyrics insert included
Emerging from the northern market town of Grantham in the early 1980s, English Dogs reached the punk spotlight opening for Charged GBH and Discharge. Debut album Invasion of the Porky Men features the band’s original line-up, with drummer Andrew Pinching, bassist Mark ‘Wattie’ Watson, guitarist John Murray and vocalist Pete ‘Wakey’ Wakefield, the hardcore focus very different from the metal direction they would take after Wakey moved on and Gizz Butt added his guitar pyrotechnics. This debut disc is a must for all UK hardcore fanatics, who like their punk delivered in raw, unadorned thrash mode.


The Fall Of Max

Word War 2

Your Country

Blind Man


Never Die

Astrophs Waiting


Ghost Of The Past


Spoils Of War

Cranked Up Really High

Invasion Of The Porky Men

Caveman Brain