F.U.P. – Complete Discography 1988-1991 2xLP (Color)


Varasto loppu

Osastot: , Avainsana tuotteelle


Diehard marble grey vinyl limited to 150 copies.

The most comprehensive and detailed discography to date of this raw and violent Japanese hardcore band! From the streets of Sapporo, Hokkaido, F.U.P. combined the crude, distorted sound peculiar to their area (think Napalm, Human Gas, Tranquilizer, Deef) with a solid backbone drawing from the rawest UK hardcore of the first wave. This anthology brings together all their existing recordings, including all the very rare demotapes (which were seldom heard outside of their immediate circle) and tracks from the legendary “Sapporo City Hardcore” 7″ flexi compilation (1990) and “Nothing action, nothing have” compilation tape. 79 TRACKS!!!
DOUBLE LP includes: – “Non stop war” Demo (1988) / “Nothing action, nothing have” comp. tracks (1989) / “Bootleg” Demo (1990) / “Sapporo City Hardcore” comp. tracks and “No!!” free giveaway tape (1990) / “Stop the lawless an act” Demo (1991) / “Final” Demo (1991)
BONUS CD includes: “Bootleg+ (plus) Demo / Live at Bessie Hall, 1989 / Live at Zippy Hall, 1991
All scrupulously reacquired from cassettes and 1/4″ reels provided by the band and mastered with the utmost care for the most violent and annihilating sonic impact!
Gatefold jacket with 16-page fanzine-style booklet including rare photos, lyrics, detailed liner notes, and scans of original releases.