HISTERIA – Discografía LP

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Histeria began in mid-1984. It is made up of July (voice), Jarocho (guitar), Caballo oi! (bass) and Hippy (drums). With this lineup they play for a year in holes and clubs on the local circuit, to later disintegrate for a while, since July decides to get back on track with new members, leaving the formation as follows: Tex (voice) Jarocho (guitar) ) Thrasher (Bass) and July (drums). They recorded 2 demos in a totally DIY way in their rehearsal room in 1984 and 1986 with both formations, the first of them barely distributed and remaining semi-unreleased until today. A total of 25 songs collected on this LP including these 2 demos and some live songs, includes a 32-page fanzine with lyrics, history of the band, photos, posters and the original fanzine included with the 84 demo. All translated to English.