ICON A.D. – Lest We Forget LP


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300 only with insert. Early 80s anarcho-punk

Formed in Leeds in 1978 by four school friends aged 16 to 18, all with no musical ability whatsoever but plenty of attitude, Icon A.D. immediately started upsetting the local newspaper, venues and the ‘rock’ fraternity but played only locally and released nothing and would probably have drifted into oblivion until…

They noticed an advert from Crass who were planning to release an album of ‘unknowns’. They submitted a rehearsal tape and the track ‘Cancer’ was included on the first ‘Bullshit Detector’ on the Crass label.

The band were becoming increasingly politicised and sent some new recordings to Radical Change records who in September 1982 released the ‘Don’t Feed us Shit’ EP. The single was a huge success and peaked at No.2 in the ‘independent’ chart and in the tradition of ‘anarcho-punk’ was sold at a ‘Pay No More Than’ price.

The same month the band recorded a session for John Peel and shortly after recorded their next single ‘Let The Vultures Fly’ also released on Radical Change in June 1983, again sold at an ‘anarcho-punk’ price.

The single was another huge success far out-selling their previous single and Backs distribution who funded Radical Change wanted the band to cross over into the more mainstream punk market and suggested full colour covers and a full retail price.

Rather than compromise their principles the band split.

‘Lest We Forget’ compiles their two singles, their unreleased final single and other studio recordings unreleased at the time complete with an insert with a detailed band history from Craig Sharp-Weir.

Track Listing:
Face The Facts/ Fight For Peace/ You Fight To Kill/ What’s Your Name/ Say No/ Tridents 1 and 2/ Seeing Is Believing/ We’ll Rise They’ll Fall/ Rough Cut/ Money Men/ Backs To The Wall/ Cancer/ Ransom/ Trident/ Clockwork Orange