ICONS OF FILTH – Onward Christian Soldiers LP



Osasto: Avainsana tuotteelle


Icons of Filth are a Welsh anarcho-punk band that were formed in 1979. The issues the band promoted through their lyrics included animal rights, anarchism, environmentalism, anti war, vegetarianism, veganism, antiglobalisation, feminism, and the negative effects of organised religion. Live shows were often used to raise money for these causes and also others including Rock Against Racism and the UK miners’ strike (1984–85).
Icons of Filth started life as Mock Death in Cardiff in 1979, with Aitch (Mark Wilson) on drums, Daffy (Simon DeManuel) on guitar, Socket (Tony Watts) on bass and Fran and Tina sharing vocal duties. After a year of local performances, the band dissolved.

Atomic Filth formed shortly afterwards with Socket, Daffy and Aitch from Mock Death and Stig (Andrew Sewell) on vocals. Within a year the name had been changed to Icons of Filth and Socket had left, to be replaced on bass by Ed. They recorded the cassette LP Not On Her Majesty’s Service in September 1982, becoming the first release on Conflict’s Mortarhate label (Mortarhate M1). This was followed up by the May 1983 recording Used · Abused · Unamused which was released as a 7-inch EP on Corpus Christi Records. Ed left after its release and was replaced by Fish (Richard Edwards) on bass. In December 1983, Onward Christian Soldiers was recorded, and was released the following March on Mortarhate records. This LP featured a strong animal rights theme. After a series of performances in 1984, usually with Conflict, the Brain Death 7-inch EP was recorded in October 1984. This was followed in April 1985 by the Filth & the Fury EP.