INVASIÓN 88 LP + DVD (kokoelma)

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Official reissue of the Argentine INVASION 88 compilation originally released by Radio Tripoli in 1988 and which was the recording debut for several bands that appear on it. The bands, contributing 2 songs each, are LOS LAXANTES, ATTAQUE 77, DIVISION AUTISTA, FLEMA, EXEROICA, COMANDO SUICIDA, DEFENSA Y JUSTICIA, RIGIDEZ KADAVERIKA, CONMOCIÓN CEREBRAL and LOS BARAJA. The reissue includes the original fanzine with twice as many pages, including English translation of all the lyrics/texts and new art/photos on the new pages, keeping the originals as they originally came out. The reissue also includes a DVD with the documentary HEROXS DEL 88 by Hitoshi Diaz about the album in question, unpublished songs by CONMOCION CEREBRAL and the extra songs included in the reissue that was made on CD with live songs by LOS BARAJA and ATTAQUE 77 , photos of the bands and a short film edited exclusively for this release by Patra Exeroica with never-before-seen live footage from the era of COMANDO SUICIDA, CONMOCION CEREBRAL, FLEMA, EXEROICA, SECUESTRO and ENEMA.