JANKY – Dead Society 1983-1987 LP+CD



Osastot: , Avainsana tuotteelle


Diehard splatter vinyl (black and blue on white) limited to 150 copies

Reissue of this instantly sold-out F.O.A.D. classic with the special addition of a bonus CD collecting nearly 80 MINUTES of rare or completely unreleased material!! The most comprehensive discography ever of this raging Yokohama City hardcore legend that embodied the true spirit of the Japanese Metal/Punk street warriors of the 80s! Their bass player Takashi also played in an early line-up of SYSTEMATIC DEATH!!
LP including: – “Low life” flexi disc (1984) / – split flexi disc EP with Mad Conflux (1987) / – very rare “Dirty party” compilation tracks
CD including:
– studio practice/demo 1983 from private tape / – live 1983 / – 198x osamu kyaku-show day 1&2 / – live in Yokosuka 1987 reacquired from the band’s master sources with much better sound than how it was previously released on CD!
Revamped layout with 16-page booklet including gig flyers, scans of the original records and photos (some of which were not in the previous edition).