KAGADA DE PERRO – Victimas De Horror LP



Osastot: , Avainsana tuotteelle


Diehard marbled red vinyl limited to 150 copies

Ultra-raw, brutal hardcore punk from the violent suburbs of Mexico D.F.!! Official re-issue of their cult debut demotape “Victimas de horror” (1991) in its most integral version, with the addition of 4 very rare out-takes recorded at the same time.. 22 TRACKS! For the first time on vinyl in its entirety! Ripped, restored and mastered straight from the band’s archival master tapes for the most effective and genuine sonic impact. Primitive, rude hardcore punk with scraping hoarse vocals backed by a crude, fuzzy and totally DIY basement recording. Quoting the band: ” this demo was recorded in 1991 in the house of a friend named Cintia in Colonia Diaz Ordaz in Ecatepec Edo. mex, we recorded it on a homemade recorder in the living room of Cintia’s house; a friend named Jose Angel (nicknamed “el mopet”) was the one who was at the controls of the recorder putting pause in each song, it was all made in one session… it’s worth mentioning that most of the equipment was lent by a gang known as “los águilas” from col. nueva Mèxico in Ecatepec”.
One of the leading names in raw Mexican hardcore along with MASACRE 68, SS-20, M.E.L.I., ATOXXICO etc.. Comes with a stunning 16 page book with a history of the demo, flyers and rare photos from that era.