MAJOR ACCIDENT – Massacred Melodies LP (White)



Osasto: Avainsana tuotteelle


Formed in late 1977 in Darlington, UK, legendary punkers Major Accident were initially influenced by the Pistols and the Clash. A very sad fate befell their early studio activities: both their first recording sessions in 1980, which was supposed to be their debut single (Terrorist Gang/War Boots) and the following one, which produced a completely mucked-up, unusable first edition of this LP, remained unreleased for years. It took until late 1982 for their first proper release to see the light of day: produced by Donkeys guitarist Neil Ferguson, their debut album Massacred Melodies finally came out on Step Forward, supported by a full UK tour with label-mates Chelsea. The distinctive ’Clockwork Orange’ image (they were the first punk band to adopt the look from Kubrick’s famous movie, which was banned in the UK at the time and impossible to see anywhere) and their song writing, by far more peculiar than the average UK82 punk band, allowed them to grow a sizable following, and their classic sleeve artwork by Paul Dillon started appearing on the back of more than a few black leather jackets.

A1 Schizophrenic

A2 (Standing On The) Sidelines

A3 Last Night

A4 Psycho

A5 People

A6 Terrorist Gang

A7 Warboots

B1 Mr Nobody

B2 Self Appointed Hero

B3 That’s You

B4 Brides Of The Beast

B5 Classified Information

B5 Middle Class Entertainment

B7 Clockwork Toys