NYX NEGATIV – Kalrshamns Punks 1981-1984 LP



Osastot: , Avainsana tuotteelle


Black vinyl limited to 200 copies

2nd edition with different cover colors. Another Swedish punk gem brought back to life by your F.O.A.D. maniacs!! Formed in 1980, after a few line-up changes NN quickly headed to a much rougher direction turning their sound into a manic raw punkasfuck barrage. Complete discography compiling all their existing recordings also including the rare “No morals” 7″ never reissued up to now! 25 songs consisting of: – Demo 1983 / – “No morals” 7″ (1984) / – Songs from “Rockslaget” v.a. 3xLP (1982) / – Live 1983 / – unreleased track
..from classic two-fingers-in-the-air punk to a faster Swedish hardcore approach! 24 page A4 book with liner notes, scans of the original releases and of the fanzine styled booklet that came with their demo 1983.