POTENTIAL THREAT – Demand And Alternative LP

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The first ever vinyl-reissue of this rare anarcho punk LP from 1985. Potential Threat emerged in the early ’80s Blackburn scene. They played gigs with legendary bands s.a. Crass, Discharge and Conflict. This LP, originally on Mortarhate, followed a couple of 7-inches and was Potential Threat’s sole full-length

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Potential Threat were formed in Blackburn, England, in 1981, and recorded a couple of 7″s between 1982 and 1985. They played a lot of gigs with such bands as Discharge (their main influence in member Pauline’s own words), Conflict, Crass, and so on. The band gained recognition from punk fans in the UK and were renowned for their totally wild and out of control gigs. After some lineup changes, the band recorded this fucking ace LP in 1985 and released it on the mighty Mortarhate label in an edition of 1000 copies that were sold in a few months. Thirteen tracks of absolutely great and fast punk played as it has to be played – with high energy and rage. This first-ever reissue is pressed on 180-gram vinyl and includes replica artwork and insert. Limited to 500 copies.

A1. the Hunt Is on
A2. Nuclear Threat
A3. Violent Uprising
A4. Fight for Life
A5. the Other War
A6. Behind Closed Doors
B1. Demand An Alternative
B2. Bloodbath
B3. What’s So Great Britain
B4. Miserable Bastards
B5. War Without a Cause
B6. Westminster Fascism
B7. Insanity