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After their debut on 7″ one of the bands that has surprised me the most in recent years returns. PUS come from Lima, Peru, and their sound is an explosive mix of autochthonous hardcore from the 80s like Ataque Frontal or Leuzemia with darkest and most devilish deathrock, and all this with an absurd and raw distorted punk sound.Sick bass lines and a distorted guitar sound full of reverb overlap the drums that play the most extreme hardcore at times and all crowned with a demoniac vocals giving a blackened punk note to the whole set.The staging by the band is spectacular and striking, sadomasochistic and violent, especially this last concept, which is what the band transmits in every second of their songs; VIOLENCE This LP is made up of 10 songs, 6 of which are new and the other 4 were released on cassette in a split with the also Peruvian band SxFxCx, of which 2 are adaptations of LEUZEMIA and NIRVANA (Vida Callejera and Negativo Asqueroso respectively). An unusual sound for these dark and unusual times. The art goes hand in hand with the concept of the band. A modern must have.