PYHÄKOULU – In Retrospect 1984-1989 2LP


2nd pressing on red vinyl, thick booklet with flyers, photos, lyrics and memorabilia

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Pyhäkoulu was born in 1984 when lead vocalist Sanna “Saku” Rajala came up with the idea of starting an all-female punk band. At the time Finnish punk bands had barely any female members, so such idea was rare in the social climate of the early 1980’s, especially in their hometown Hämeenlinna. Things happened fast for Pyhäkoulu and by 1990, after several lineup changes, a handful of records and heavy touring in Finland and mainland Europe, the band decided to go their separate ways. Even though they had a relatively short run of only 6 years, Saku became one of the most recognizable voices in the history of Finnish Hardcore, and Pyhäkoulu left their mark on the 1980’s punk underground with their raw and uncompromising sound. Most of the original vinyl releases have since become sought-after collector items and the band has gained cult following among the initiated.

This band-approved compilation includes Pyhäkoulu’s tracks from their split with Abortti-13, their self-titled 12″, Sankari EP, live recordings from 1987 and previously unreleased studio quality tracks the band recorded in 1989 just before calling it a day. The audio material has been carefully restored and remastered from the original tapes, and the package comes with a thick booklet full of old photos, interviews, lyrics, flyers and other memorabilia.


Lapsuusmuistoja (split with Abortti 13), 1984

01. Vanhempien rakkaus
02. Ihmisen ääni
03. Yhteiskunnan toivot

Sankari EP, 1987

04. Ei maitoa tänään
05. Harha
06. Mieletön
07. Korttitalo
08. Sankari


Pyhäkoulu 12″, 1987

01. Orjat orjat
02. Painajainen
03. Krapula
04. Nuori kuolema
05. Viha & vilpittömyys
06. Kuolemankello
07. Exynyt
08. Sä keinut


Live in Heinola November 7th 1987

01. Elämää alennusmyynnissä
02. Korttitalo
03. Sankari
04. Isoveli valvoo
05. Vanhempien rakkaus II
06. Onni
07. Krapula
08. Harha
09. Mustalintu
10. Exynyt
11. Mieletön
12. Ei maitoa tänään

SIDE D – Previously unreleased

Tehdas-session, 1989

01. Näkymä
02. Uneen tuomittu
03. Tehdas
04. Klaani

Rehearsal, 1989

05. Kristalliyö
06. Kulissi