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unofficial import reissue – As a backdrop to his fast-paced and cartoon-like debut chronicling the wayward life of Los Angles repo men, punk auteur Alex Cox did well to use music from the city’s early-’80s hardcore punk scene; the tongue-in-cheek histrionics of Fear and the Circle Jerks (who appear in the movie as a punk band-turned-lounge act) fit flush with the film’s mix of displaced suburban youth, gruff, and wizened repo veterans, Mexican hoods, industrial-skid row scenery, and irradiated UFO conspiracy theorists. Along with tracks by punk godfathers Iggy Pop (”Repo Man”) and Jonathan Richman (writer of ”Pablo Picasso”), the album’s additional L.A. hardcore highlights include Black Flag’s ”TV Party,” Suicidal Tendencies’s ”Institutionalized,” and the Plugz’s ”Hombre Secreto (Secret Agent Man).” The Plugz’s noir-ish, punk en espanol tracks, in fact, formed the trademark sound of the film. One of the first soundtracks to use pre-existing band cuts in lieu of an original score, Repo Man is a great document of L.A.’s punk heyday.

A1 Iggy Pop – Repo Man
A2 Black Flag – TV Party
A3 Suicidal Tendencies – Institutionalized
A4 Circle Jerks – Coup D’Etat
A5 The Plugz – El Clavo Y La Cruz
B1 Burning Sensations – Pablo Picasso
B2 Fear (3) – Let’s Have A War
B3 Circle Jerks – When The Shit Hits The Fan
B4 The Plugz – Hombre Secreto (Secret Agent Man)
B5 Juicy Bananas – Bad Man
B6 The Plugz – Reel Ten