SACRILEGIO – Podredumbre 1986-1988 LP (väri)

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…another sonic bestiality forged in the violent streets of Medellin, Colombia in the 80’s!! Formed in 1984 by vocalist Carlos Mario Montoya “El vikingo” (also member of NEKROMANTIE) who was assassinated in 1988, SACRILEGIO were undoubtedly one of the most important names in the early Ultra Metal scene of the Antioquian region. Quoting the biography included in this anthology: ”They were influenced by Metal/Hardcore classics of the time, such as PARABELLUM, HELLHAMMER, SLAYER and SNOBB SLAKT (Swedish Hardcore)”. This gives a better idea of their style, a primitive and rough crossover of early day death/thrash with a touch of 80’s hardcore in the crudest form. In the works for more than 4 years, ”Podredumbre 1986-1988” is the most exhaustive collection of all their existing recordings, assembled under supervision of the band’s late guitarist Antonio Guerrero (also founder of Agressor and Masacre). 10 songs consisting of: audition session for ”Rodrigo D. No futuro” and demo 1986-1987, final recording for the soundtrack of ”Rodrigo D. No futuro” (1988), live at Acción Comunal del barrio Alfonso López Castilla, 1987. As explained in the band history, SACRILEGIO’s anthem ”Podredumbre” was only included in the soundtrack of the movie ”Rodrigo D.” but not on the 1990’s compilation LP featuring most of the bands that were invited to take part to that project. This LP come with 12 page booklet full of never seen before photos, flyers and an interesting biography written with the help of Antonio Guerrero. An absolute must have for fans of the most infernal South American death thrash and raw, unpolished 80’s metal punk in general!