SORE THROAT – Never Mind The Napalm LP


Varasto loppu

Osasto: Avainsana tuotteelle


Solid black vinyl limited to 350 copies.
..their classic third album back on vinyl after more than 3 decades in a restyled expanded version with extra contents! 81 tracks of system smashing, horrendous aural butchery from the undisputed lords of the most deafening cyder-wrecked noisecore punk ever conceived on British soil. Just like the original version, it starts off with the ultra-legendary ”Death to capitalist Hardcore” 45 song EP (1988) and continues with 2 sessions recorded in 1989 showing them combine short detonating bursts with some solid HC ragers devoted to the Discharge/early Scandicore formula and also inevitably reminescent of DOOM, with whom ST shared 2 members. This special edition also adds their ”Noise annoys” Demo 1988 and rare live tracks from 1987. Comes in a thick gatefold jacket with 12″x12″ four page insert featuring extensive liner notes by Rich Militia.