SS-20 – Cadaver Exquisito LP



Osastot: , Avainsana tuotteelle


Diehard color-in-color vinyl (black into red) limited to 150 copies.

Chapter 3 of 3 in F.O.A.D.’s mission to reissue the complete discography of this cult female-fronted Mexican chaos punk band, enriched by unreleased material and extremely rare sessions… Mastered from Zappa Punk’s personal cassette archives after a complex selection and restoration process that took years! Sloppy, chaotic filthcore punk attack from the toughest streets of D.F. in the ’80s. This LP includes their 1987 demo ”Cadaver exquisito” for the first time on vinyl, adding an alternate version of ”Punks muertos” and 4 tracks recorded live in San Luis Potosì. Comes with a fanzine styled colored booklet featuring biographical notes, photos, Zappa’s drawings and scans of the original releases.