STATE OF FEAR – Complete Discography Vol. 2 LP


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As outlined in the Vol. 1 description, State of Fear had set out on a hardcore path widely copied but never matched throughout 1994-1996. It’s in this period that they attempt their first full length LP which although marred by recording issues and personnel changes, would go on to be regarded by most as a contender for one of the best LPs of 1990’s in the hardcore punk genre. Volume 2 is this stand-alone LP by the band and features the original artwork of Marald who has also gone on to a famed career in the fine art world, this includes a large 4 page booklet with all lyrics included, and an A2 poster. Did I mention that both Vol. 1 and 2 have been remastered by Jack Control for the highest sound quality possible? These are definitive documents of one of the best hardcore bands to exist.