STIGMATHE – Corri e sopravvivi: studio, demo & live 1983-1985 LP+CD

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Solid black vinyl, limited to 200 copies

Another Italian hardcore punk milestone getting its deserved F.O.A.D. treatment! Formed in Modena in the early ’80s with the aim of blending late ’70s punk with new waveish vibes, STIGMATHE gradually moved to hardcore punk territories in their own original way, combining the magic of the “furious years” of Italian HC with melodies and a desperate yet melancholic mood…
This LP+CD set is their most complete discography ever made consisting of:
– “Suoni puri dalla libertà” EP (1983)
– “Lo sguardo dei morti” EP (1985)
– tracks from “Raptus – Negazione e superamento” v.a. LP (1984)
..and their ultra-rare early demo (1983) for the first time on vinyl, showing the band’s early steps still with new wave contaminations and a solid Clash influence
Plus a bonus CD containing the entire “Hardcore Vivo” live demo 1983.
Includes a 16 page booklet with rare photos, flyers, biographical notes, fanzine excerpts, scans of the original releases and an extra 4 page full colored insert with never seen before photos!
The definitive STIGMATHE 80’s discography that does justice after years of incomplete anthologies and bad quality replicas of the two 7″s.