Osasto: Avainsana tuotteelle


THE VIBRATORS are a Punk Rock band from London, UK, they were founded in the year 1976 and so they are one of the earliest UK Punk Rock bands. They started their career in february 1976 and after having some first gigs as support act of THE STRANGLERS and the SEX PISTOLS they released their first EP ”We Vibrate” in november 1976. In spring 1997 the toured in the UK together with IGGY POP and more releases followed. Their album ”Pure Mania” (1977) entered the Top 50 of the UK charts, after their even more successful second album ”V2” (1978), they brought about album number three named ”Guilty” (1982). This album presents fourteen smashing and melodic ´77 Punk Rock tunes made in the UK, this sound is for the more quiet times of the day, when you are into the most of listening to UK SUBS, SEX PISTOLS, STIFF LITTLE FINGERS, UK SUBS, THE ADICTS, THE STRANGLERS, … Colored vinyl