TIIKERI – Punkrock pamaus LP


Debut full length album by Tiikeri! Finnish ’77 punk rock!

Varasto loppu



At the end of 2021 Tiikeri took the Finnish punk crowd by surprise with their first wave punk sound, and the 3-track 7″ sold out instantly. After the EP the band continued to work on new
material, and now Tiikeri are finally releasing their debut album titled ’Punk rock pamaus!!!’. In case you missed out on the 7″ earlier, the good news is that all 3 tracks ’Punk on rakkaus’, ’Oon punkkari’ and ’Punk-tietous’ are included on this LP as well. On their debut album the band also talks about the problematic commercialization of vegetarianism, the values of the punk community and their personal experiences of punk as something more than just music. Soundwise you can hear the influence of classic Finnish punk rock bands like Ratsia and Kollaa Kestää, but also early UK punk like Buzzcocks and The Adverts. Following a DIY ethic Tiikeri have created an album that’s catchy, melodic and extremely political – everything you’d want from a punk rock record.