TOY DOLLS – Ten Years Of Toys LP


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Reissue on Radiation, includes an exclusive photo licensed by VIVE LE ROCK photographer Per-Ake Wärn in a 60x60cm folded poster!

To celebrate their first decade of existence, Sunderland’s ironic punk trio, Toy Dolls, issued retrospective Ten Years Of Toys, but rather than using the standard-issue “Greatest Hits” formula, the group chose to re-cut nuggets from their career so far, using the then-current line-up of frontman Olga, bassist Dean Robson and drummer Martin Yule. Thus, tracks like “Dougy Giro,” “Fiery Jack” and “Glenda And The Test Tube Baby” are given new leases of
life with a brighter, fuller sound and the inclusion of hard-to-find tracks such as “I’ve Got Asthma” and “Tommy Kowey’s Car” add to the appeal.

Florence Is Deaf (But There’s No Need To Shout) 3:35
Glenda And The Test Tube Baby 3:15
Idle Gossip 2:30
Carol Dodds Is Pregnant 3:25
Tommy Kowey’s Car 2:38
Peter Practice’s Practice Place 3:06
Deidre’s A Slag 3:18
Blue Suede Shoes 2:09
Dig That Groove Baby 2:51
Lambrusco Kid 3:08
Dougy Giro 3:13
Bless You My Son 2:53
My Girlfriend’s Dad Is A Vicar 1:11
She Goes To Finos 3:06
Harry Cross (A Tribute To Edna) 3:33
Fiery Jack 2:53