V.A. – Buka I Urlik (1983) LP+CD



Osastot: , Avainsana tuotteelle


Diehard smokey orange vinyl limited to 150 copies

Official reissue of this essential, raw Yugo hardcore compilation, originally released on cassette tape in 1983, two years before the equally legendary “Hard-Core Ljubljana” v.a. LP… The first ever HC compilation from Belgrade featuring: NECROPHILIA, HERPES DISTRESS, SOLUNSKI FRONT. Special edition sourced from first generation masters provided by No Profit Tapes, giving this iconic compilation the well-deserved quality treatment that does justice after the previous cheaply made version. A devastating clash between the distorted, furious hardcore of NECROPHILIA and HERPES DISTRESS in full line with the most extreme Euro chaos-punk classics of that era (Wretched, Anti-Cimex, Chaos UK), contrasting with the more elaborate but still fast-paced approach of SOLUNSKI FRONT. LP reproducing the v.a. cassette in its entirety and bonus CD with the same contents as the LP + 8 rare bonus tracks by NECROPHILIA. Gatefold jacket + insert including scans of the original cassette, rare photos and liner notes by Gvido Obradovic, the mastermind that released it on tape in total DIY spirit back then… Assembled with the unfailing collaboration of Guranje S Litice.