MINOR THREAT – Live At Irving Plaza, New York, May 15th, 1982 LP



Osasto: Avainsana tuotteelle


Here Minor Threat get one of their most defiant and raucous live performances re-released on a proper LP, after only four tracks from the show were originally released on ’bootleg’ wax, by the band themselves. Here Suicidal Records give all 16 bits from the half-hour show at NYC’s Irving Plaza a new run for their money – of course, we’d expect such a curt punk band could fit that many songs into such a short space of time. Raw, airy, and to the point, classics ’Straight Edge’ and ’Bottled Violence’ make an appearance, but barely get a couple of minutes to their name each. The live versions of ’Little Friend’ and ’Stepping Stone’ are more developed, but sound yet no less hard hitting. From DC to NY, the OG punk abstainers’ brand of detox punk shines best here.